Repulicans,Democrats,Scams and All Star Wrestling


If you live in the United States and are not outraged at the political system you either haven’t been paying attention or you are a fucking moron.

Voting Democrat or Republican is akin to deciding whether to buy a GM car or its “sister” model branded under a different name, same body style,same motor but bearing a different emblem.

The two party system is complete bullshit.In case you dont know it the democrats and republicans control the Commission on presidential debates. the George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis campaigns secretly agreed to a “memorandum of understanding” that would decide which candidates could participate in the debates, which individuals would be panelists (and therefore able to ask questions).

In 2000, the CPD established a rule that for a party to be included in the national debates it must garner at least 15% support across five national polls.  You may think this is insignificant and any Party incapable of producing the 15% isn’t worthy of being included. If this is your line of thinking you have not thought this through and need to use your brain.Presidential primaries are a great source of free TV coverage and exposure for candidates.

The “two” parties fear that a third party might combine the “ideals” of each of their parties and appeal to the majority of Americans. They fear a David vs the two Goliath scenario

The reality of the situation is that the two parties are a scam perpetrated upon the American people. The two parties are in it together. If you believe that either is looking out for you please sign power of a attorney over to a competent person who has the mental capacity to think for themselves.

Good scams frequently rely upon three factors greed,fear and misdirection. The two parties use all three of these.

Anyone who has ever watched a profession wrestling tag team match almost certainly has seen the tact of distraction of the ref while his partner preforms an illegal action they don’t want the ref to see. The two parties use a similar misdirection tactic by directing your attention to the “other” party to distract you from their poor performance and sneak in legislation that’s not in your best interests. Its also a way to keep you engaged and listening to their bullshit lies and prevent you from listen to anyone else who might actually talk you out of their scam. Its exactly like the scam religions who try to keep you isolated from anyone who might talk some sense into you who really has your best interests at heart.

The fear the scam uses is the fear of the other party. They tell you that the other party is going to take your guns, pollute the environment ect. (the list goes on and on.Unlike a scam the fear may actually be a real threat but the “other” party is actually secretly complicit in the others actions.

The greed component of these scams is quite obvious if you look for it, You are promised something you want whether it be materialist or Idealist. These promises are almost never delivered upon and blame is placed with the other party, obstructionism being the vehicle.

In professional wrestling competitors often engage the crowd by engaging in in a fake feud with their opponents feigning hatred of them and they are not afraid to “step up their game if the crowd becomes disinterested.The same is true in politics.

At least in professional wrestling  you get what you pay for- with the two parties you do not. (unless you consider the entertainment value of them. (The GOP primaries are great entertainment for example))

It is vain to find fault with those arts of deceiving wherein men find pleasure to be deceived.
John Locke

– Democratic and Republican parties -1960’s to present

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